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  • 80$
    Every month
    Liquid or Air-Cooled up to 48KW
    • Kohler Energy Management PRO ($49/Annually Included)
    • No Labor Charges for repairs outside of warranty
    • Perform Oil Change (per manufacturer's specifications)
    • Replace Oil & Filter
    • Replace Air Filter
    • Replace Spark Plugs and Reset Gap as needed
    • Perform Compression Test
    • Perform Engine Tune Up
    • Pressure Test Gas Plumbing
    • Function Test Generator & Transfer Switch
    • Perform Battery Maintenance
    • Inspect Battery Charger
    • Inspect Transfer Switch & All Components
    • Meter Voltage, Frequency and Amperage
    • Function Test Governor/Stepper Motor
    • Adjust Gas Pressure as needed
    • Secure Electrical Connections
    • Inspect Brush Assembly & Collector Ring
    • Confirm Exercise Timer
    • Inspect all conduit strapping is in working order
    • Inspect crank base breather hose & Oil Cooler
    • Reset Maintenance Timer
    • Firmware update on Controller
    • Clean Generator Inside and Out
    • Vacuum out Transfer Switch
    • Annual Home Energy Audit

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